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Acqua carbonica effetto benefico - Carbonated water benefits


BICARBONATED is widely recognized in the medical market in Japan.  Through long time collaboration with various hospitals, their reports confirm the validity of our products.

Today we easily find countless scientific reports on the health benefit of artificial carbonated water published by university laboratories and research centers as well in Japan and as around the world.

Medical and health expectations are becoming more and more promising as can be seen from the indication list.  


Chronic pain or stiffness of muscles and joints (including rheumatism, arthritis, lower back pain, neuralgia, shoulder stiffness, contusions, sprains), muscle stiffness due to paralysis or numbness, sensitivity to cold, peripheral circulatory failure, reduced gastrointestinal function (including stomach heaviness and accumulated gas in the intestines), slight elevated blood pressure, impaired glucose tolerance (diabetes), slightly raised cholesterol, mild asthma symptoms or symptoms of pulmonary emphysema, hemorrhoid pain, dysautonomia, stress symptoms (including sleep disturbances and depression), post-illness recovery support, recovery from fatigue, and general health improvement.

Increased internal body temperature

A carbonated bath raises your body temperature and after the bath it keeps higher than plain water.

Schermata 2021-09-15 alle 09.36.03.png

Increased blood flow

A foot bath in carbonated water increases blood flow three times more than in a plain water. 

Schermata 2021-09-15 alle 09.48.35.png

Immune system enhancement

High internal body temperature stimulates an increase in HSP.

(Heat Shock Protein)  HSP repairs damaged proteins and activates metabolism.

In this sense, a frequent carbonated bath improves the immune system response.

Schermata 2021-09-15 alle 09.34.03.png

PAD Treatment with Carbonated Water

This is an example of how Peripheral artery disease (PAD) improved after 1 year of bathing done once a day in carbonated water.

Schermata 2021-11-23 alle 17.06.44.png
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