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Our mission

Through the promotion of cutting-edge non-invasive technologies to enhance the natural regenerative capacity of our bodies, we contribute to the happiness and extending the healthy life years of people.

Greetings from the founder

Belife Japan was founded in Florence, Italy and offers products that activate our innate life force. 


My passion for health has deep roots.

There is nothing more painful for the whole family than having a sick person at home. My mother, who has been sick since I was a child, stayed in a sanatorium away from home for over a decade. A few years of my life that I could live with her remain as a happy childhood memory.

Our children and grandchildren can enjoy a happy life if our families are healthy.


Health and happiness are everyone's rights.

Anyone can maintain better health regardless of age or physical condition. Average life expectancy has increased due to medical progress and improved life quality. But statistics show on the other side the last ten years of life are often spent in bed or in need of personal care.

Extending the healthy life expectancy that allows us to live self sufficiently is great importance for everyone.

Today we find many health tips on how to eat well, exercise regularly and balance the body and mind etc.   

Belife Japan is pleased to offer you some suggestions for your choice.


I have been searching for years for a natural way to stay healthy without stressing the body and mind. 

My search for a body that can prevent disease and strengthen immunity naturally led me to carbonated water. I would love to see the happy smiles everywhere around me. That' s what inspired me to launch our business.


My skills and abilities matured during thirty years of activity in the wellness field, are now used and organized at your service. 

We will continue to offer products that help your own natural power to improve health.


I want to say thank you to those who have believed in me and shared my dreams, without them my idea would have remained in the drawer.


Best Regards


Yoshie Otomi

Founder of Belife Japan



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