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Bicarbonated made in japan


New Japanese Technology For Carbogaseous Balneotherapy 

BICARBONATED is designed for better medical services and patented by Japanese company Jesc Co.,Ltd.

It is an instant generator of highly concentrated carbon dioxide ionic water.

Our carbonated water is produced by mixing only water with CO2 gas without any chemical additives. We are launching it for the first time on the European market. This new product will open the door to a wide range of health benefits for everyone. 

Authentic "Made in Japan"

Our products are manufactured and tested to perfection in Japan. They are water resistant and build by stainless steel. The quality guarantees the best performance and durability.


A small cube measures W. 31.6cm x D. 13 cm x H. 21.6 cm. It only weighs 3 kg. The stable shape allows itself to either set on the counter top or hang on the wall. 


There are no accessory changes required on the main unit. Also, no special maintenance such as filter cleaning or inspection is asked for over time. However, to ensure the best performance, we recommend a regular check-up.


The set-up is quick and easy. You simply unscrew the shower hose and connect to the main body. And connect the CO2 cylinder.

Is ready to use !

No Power supply needed

You just open the water and gas valve, Bicarbonated instantly generates carbonated water. It runs with normal water pressure and even adapts to weaker water pressure. 


The "Ultra Fine Bubbles" technology allows to produce strong carbonated water with bubbles so small that they are invisible to the eyes. This feature ensures maximum dissolution of the gas in the water and eases the absorption of carbon dioxide in the blood stream.


Acqua carbonica e salute personale - Carbonated water for personal health

Private Customers

  Swelling of  legs and sensitivity to cold has improved.   (T - Yamagata)

My back pain and shoulder stiffness forced me to have a massage every week. From  the time I started taking a bath in carbonated water, the pain has reduced.  (H - Tokyo)

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