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More Healthy Life Years

Artificial Carbonated Bath Benefits

When you take a carbonated bath, CO2 gas permeates through the skin dilating peripheral blood vessels. In just a few minutes, blood flow increases three times that of plain water  bringing oxygens and nutrients to all cells. This brings us numerous benefits from both inside and outside the body. For example it improves cold sensitivity, wound healing and shoulder stiffness etc. Also by lowering the heart rate stimulates parasympathetic dominance. People suffering from restlessness or insomnia can get benefit from its relaxing effect.

A carbonated bath leads us a 360 ° psychophysical healthy life.

Salute e felicita - health and happyness



Acqua carbonica in medical - Carbonated water in medical

Today a significant number of scientific reports are published on the beneficial effect of artificial carbonated water. Bathing and foot bath are the two most applied methods. The vasodilation and increased blood flow obtained from our product can be expected to contribute a synergy effect for the treatment of diseases related to the circulatory system such as peripheral artery disease (PAD), high blood pressure and cardiac load etc.


Acqua carbonica per beauty - Carbonated water for beauty

Better venous activity increases oxygen supply to cells.  The improvement in metabolism  can  speed up cell and tissue regeneration.  As a result, the skin appears more hydrated and firm. The carbonated water is attracting in the beauty industry with its astringent effect in addition to the anti-aging expectation. Beauty comes from health !


Acqua carbonica per lo sport - Carbonated water for sport

Increased blood flow helps in removing excessive lactic acid and relieving muscle pains. In thermalism, carbogaseous balneotherapy *  is widely known as an effective remedy for physical fatigue. Artificial carbonated water was introduced in  the London Olympic village in 2012. Since then it is valued by world - class athletes for supporting the  best  sports performance.

*carbonated bath



Carbon water accelerates peripheral circulation and improves mobility and sleep quality. Helps improve and prevent bedsores and skin conditions such as eczema. It contributes to the psychophysical well-being of the elderly to face life with positivity. 


Acqua carbonica per parucchieri - Carbonated water for hair salons

The carbonated water's astringent properties help your hair looks healthier and smoother. In addition, with the mild acidic pH of the water can reduce unpleasant odor caused by bacteria. Its high detergent capacity removes sebum from clogged pores, keeping the scalp perfectly clean.  Furthermore, the better blood circulation of the scalp helps the healthy hair growth.


Acqua carbonica per architettura - Carbonated water for architecture

The benefits of carbonated water are not limited only to recovery from physical fatigue, better blood flow and healthy skin, etc. No matter the age or physical condition, every person can improve their health.  

The possibility of integrating artificial carbonated water as a facility can make you stand out from your competitors in the hotel, spa or villa businesses and more.


bagno rilassante

Daily use of carbonated water will help your blood vessels rejuvenated and make them more elastic. Stronger blood vessels mean healthier cells and tissues in the whole body. All you have to do is set up the unit in your bathroom and connect the shower hose. You can use it in different ways such as shower, foot bath and whole body bath. You can prevent lifestyle diseases and keep carrying on a healthful life. 

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