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"Ultra Fine Bubbles" are the bubbles extremely small as to be invisible to the eyes.

The BICARBONATED technology allows a large quantity of gas to dissolve effectively in the water, making a best artificial carbonated water.

Bubbles are not all the same


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Mini -  bubbles

over 1 mm

Micro -  bubbles

over 1 - 100 micrometer

Ultra Fine Bubbles

under 1 micrometer

Bubbles generally rise and burst in the water almost immediately. (Mini bubbles)

Instead, the Micro bubbles rising slowly, deflate and then disappear over a longer amount of time.

The "Ultra Fine Bubbles" are stabilized in water for a long time by encapsulating CO2 gas in the bubbles themselves, and for this special feature BICARBONATED is an unique and successful product. 

Best Artificial Carbonated Water

1300 ppm

Highest gas dissolution in water

Long duration 

Long stay of carbon dioxide in water


Blood vessel absorption of carbon dioxide is greatly enhanced.

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Invisible bubbles

A significant difference exists between a 0.9 micrometer and 0.1 micrometer bubble even though all this range is called "Ultra Fine Bubbles".

The bubbles produced by BICARBONATED are even smaller than 0.1 micrometers.

We decided to make a product that differs from the others, paying attention to the bubble size, since its size determines the effectiveness.

Our secret

Producing carbonated water suitable for a hot bath is completely different from sparkling water for drinks.

The gas has tendency to disappear when the water temperature rises. Also the standard products with a 1000 ppm carbonated water, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the water generally decreases in 3 hours.

Now our carbonated water retains the carbon dioxide much longer.

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Acqua carbonica ultra fine bubbles - Carbonated water ultra fine bubbles
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