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The Beneficial Effects of Carbonated Water

Published in the journal " Orthopedic & Sanitary"

“Belife Japan | Natural Therapy”

Medical Use of Carbonated Water



From the Editor November 25, 2022

Proposed by Belife Japan, Bicarbonated is an instant generator of highly concentrated ionized carbonated water designed and patented by Japanese company Jesc Co.

Carbonated water is classified by its free CO2 concentration. The higher the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in the water the greater the beneficial effect. The effective level for medical treatment is over 1000 mg per liter (=1000 ppm).

Bicarbonated can reach up to 1300 ppm and its bubbles are invisible to the eyes, so small as to be less than 0.1 micrometer in size.

Bicarbonated generates carbonated water, the active substances of which are reported for the following beneficial effects: vasodilation, increasing blood flow, lowering blood pressure, increasing blood oxygen, warm effect, boosting the immune system, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, and normalizing the condition of the skin.

Medical use of carbonated water

Taking frequent carbonated baths helps arterial circulation by improving microcirculation and treating arterial occlusive disease at any stage.

Increased blood flow and vasodilation easily remove waste from blood vessels, relieving fatigue and muscle and joint pain.

Carbonated water is shown to be effective in cardiovascular disorders of psychosomatic origin as well as in chronic vein fragility and supportive treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Carbonated water therapy is indicated for skin lesions. In fact, the pH of Carbonated Water is mildly acidic and is ideal for skin health, especially in problems related to atopic dermatitis, burns, wounds, and decupid sores.

In patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), ten minutes twice daily of foot bath with carbonated water for the duration of more than two months reduces the risk of amputation and, if it is carried out, improves the prognosis and recovery.

One of Japan's largest hospital groups has reported that they have treated some 70 patients with advanced (stage IV) PAD with carbonated water therapy and saved 83% of their limbs from amputation.

Carbonated water, combined with any treatment enhances the maximum result of the same. The product is indicated in the medical, physiotherapeutic and rehabilitative fields, sports medicine and provides physical well-being for all senior people.

Totally "Made in Japan" and thanks to high technology, Bicarbonated, the instant carbonated water generator, is a safe and reliable patented product.

It is easy to install and has no need for electricity. The design is compact and its size is 31.6 cm wide x 13 cm deep x 21.6 cm high. Made of stainless steel, it guarantees long duration.

Read in the journal Orthopedic & Sanitary (Italian)


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