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Updated: Nov 22, 2022

A New Japanese Technology from Healing Springs

New Blog Post No.11

“Belife Japan | Terapia Naturale”


Every year in Italy, nearly 7,000 patients undergo lower limb amputation by surgeons due to diabetes. Most of these amputations are undertaken to treat unhealed diabetic foot ulcers derived from peripheral arterial disease (PAD).This disease leads to obstruction of arteries reducing blood flow to the feet.

When the surgery remains possible, it enlarges the blood vessels to improve blood flow. Although so far no definitive treatment has been found to boost peripheral circulation into the legs extremities.


A sensational news comes from Japan.

The founder of the Kaikoukai Health Care Group running about 40 facilities , after the long years of research reported that they have saved 83% of their patients from amputation.

The statistics were collected on about 70 patients in average age 67 years with the various complications such as diabetes, ischemic heart disease, cerebrovascular disease and previous amputation. Also 60% of these patients were dialyzed.


How did they treat their patients?

Patients continued all ongoing treatments such as pharmacological therapy, physical activity, etc., plus a new treatment was introduced. It is carbogases balneotherapy. They conducted the ten minutes foot bath twice a day with carbonated water in temperature of 37 to 38 degrees over two months' duration with an amazing result.

The ulcer began to heal within a month of treatment. The wound almost disappeared in some three months.


Carbonated water was already used in ancient times as a spa treatment.

Japanese engineering has succeeded artificially to generate ionized Carbonated water highly concentrated in therapeutic level by mixing water and carbon dioxide without chemical additives.

According to the Japanese group during the foot bath, the blood flow of the whole body increases three times more than that of a normal hot water foot bath. The main effect of carbonated water is vasodilation. Arterial collateral circles being opened and the peripheral circulation is improved.

The oxygen level in the blood increases during a foot bath while carrying oxygen and nutrients to the legs' ends.

Carbonated water therapy is indicated for treating occlusive blood vessels and also recommended in skin lesions. Since its pH is mildly acidic, it is ideal for skin health. It naturally disinfects and helps wound healing and prevents further infection.


Diabetes-related amputation may cause significant physical and emotional consequences, not only for the person with the amputation, but also for his or her loved ones.

After limb amputation, the risk of death increases. Studies have shown that there is a 50% chance of death within 2 years of amputation.

Failure to walk further worsens blood circulation. In some cases, limb loss leads to depression.

It is important to be able to avoid amputation to save these people's lives.

The group's founder concludes with these words. "We gradually realize that it is possible to save these patients.The possibility of saving the lower limbs depends on the capacity to increase the blood supply by as little as 5 percent.

We found that Carbonated Water" can play an important role on the point of no return. Carbonated water therapy is definitely the solution that will attract even more in the medical field."


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