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Protect Your Heart and Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

"Carbonated Water" is a Millennial Remedy

“Belife Japan | Natural Healing”


Let's share new knowledge, natural and non- invasive healing technologies to enhance our regenerative healing powers in a natural way.

Strengthen our natural immune system which is the best defense against all diseases.

MILLENNIAL REMEDY FOR HEALTH Carbonated water is the ancient thermal healing. The greatest benefit is improving blood circulation. For example Bad Nauheim, Germany, is known for healing of heart and nerve diseases. It is called "WATER of the HEART”. Today, innovative Japanese technology makes it possible to instantaneously generate highly concentrated ionized carbonated water mixing carbon dioxide gas with water without any chemical additives. And are used for bathing, showering, foot bathing and drinking. CARBON DIOXIDE HELPS US TO BECOME HEALTHY When carbon dioxide is dissolved in water, it helps healing and preventing many diseases. The higher the amount of carbon dioxide dissolved in water, the greater the beneficial effect. The benefits of Carbonated Water are countless. Boost immunity Improve metabolism Repair and strengthen blood vessels Relief from fatigue Against certain pains caused by stiff muscles or joints Improve sensitivity to cold Relaxing effect Detox effect Lowers high blood pressure Faster healing of burns and wounds Improves heart disease Peripheral circulatory failure Diabetes Slightly elevated cholesterol Phlebitis Decubitus Asthma Eczema Improves skin condition Healthy hair Cellulite Anti-aging effect Better sports performance WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WE SOAK IN CARBONATED WATER? 1. Carbon dioxide reaches the blood vessels through the skin. 2. Increases the presence of carbon dioxide in the blood vessels. 3. Activates the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen. 4. Increases blood flow significantly. 5. Dilates blood vessels. 6. Increases oxygen in the bloodstream. 7. Oxygen and nutrients reach all the cells in the body. 8. Stimulates cell repair and regeneration. THE BUBBLE SIZE MAKES A DIFFERENCE Our generators of carbonated water produce Ultra fine bubbles, so tiny that they are invisible to the eyes. This feature ensures maximum dissolution of the gas in the water and eases the absorption of carbon dioxide into the blood vessels. Artificial carbonated water can be used at Health care facilities Nursing homes Spas Hair salons Sports centers Homes Artificial Carbonated Water is a new technology from natural sources for your health and well-being.

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